Hallucination is a discarded ending from a book I started in 2013. The final reveal didn't fit the tone of the novel, but it had the potential to stand alone. When the opportunity to create short films came about, this was the first script I cranked out. This is the first short film I've written/directed, and it's an official selection of the 2014 Hollyshorts Film Festival. 

[Poster photography by Lan Bui, edit by Samad Iqbal Ismail]

Writer / Director

Anna Akana

Anna could talk about books, food, or the various organizational planners in existence for hours on end. She likes coming home from 12 hour days on set to feed her 4 cats. She starred as the lead in her kindergarten class's puppet production of The Little Red Hen when she was 5 and never looked back.

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Kaja Martin

Hi! My name is Kaja Martin and I freaking love the entertainment industry. I produce and act in all amazing content I can get my hands on. When I take a break from that I write and direct. Persistent and Passionate are two words that really feel me. ...ya dig..? I'm on the interwebs if ya wanna see me in action.

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Director of Photography

Lan Bui

Lan Bui has shot for clients such as Disney, ABC, L’Oreal, NIKON and Canon. He served as Director of Photography for productions led by Martin Scorsese, Greg Aronowitz and Felicia Day. He gives lectures and workshops at conferences and trade shows around the world, and recently launched a startup with Aaron Dieppa called Cast and Crew Call.

Lan Bui on Cast & Crew Call
Assistant Director

William Akana

Will Akana obtained his Bachelor's degree in Media Studies with an emphasis in Film and Visual media from the University of California Riverside in 2014.  For the last five years, he has developed a passion for videography. Equally important, he also enjoys consuming freshly baked oatmeal cookies granted cold milk is available.

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Alexis Dickey

Alexis Dickey is an actress, artist and photographer.


Megan Rosati

Megan is an actress, write-ress, and ukulelist! She has played cute girls on TV (EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS, HBO's TWELVE MILES OF BAD ROAD), scared girls on film (THE GHOST EXPERIMENT, directed by THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT's Kevin Foxe), and crazy girls onstage (RICHARD III, A LIE OF THE MIND).


Andy McAllister

Andy McAllister is a theater and film actor residing in Los Angeles.

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Girl on TV

Emma Lee

Emma Lee is an actress and producer. Her and Anna share a deep love for cats.

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Assistant Camera

Misa Garcia


Matt Burgette

Matt Burgette on IMDB
Associate Producer

Chloe Mae Loop

Chloe Mae on Cast & Crew Call
Make Up Artist

Alicia Wagner


Supers & Associates

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